When we plan to introduce our product in a foreign market, we always seek for a marketing project contemplating any and all particularities of said market.

However, in order to make this introduction a successful one, proper administrative support is needed.

Constant and systematic follow up of changes in laws and regulations related to imports and exports as well as in areas related to economic and finances, being controlled by the Brazilian government, and also, choosing the best logistic option are items impossible to be handled and controlled at distance. These very items are however of vital importance to conquering and maintaining a given market without risks of loses for the foreign investor.

For over 20 years Renato Rossi International trade Administration and Consultancy has being successfully giving administrative support to number of foreign companies ,market leaders in their countries ,having helped them to administrate their business in Brazil in the most profitable manner.

Wherever your company decides to get into the Brazilian market, keep Renato Rossi I.T.A.C. in your mind.

Renato Rossi I.T.A.C. services will enable you to handle your business in Brazil in the best possible way.


Renato Rossi - International Trade Consultant

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